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Downtime and repairs to crushers, grinders, shredders, conveyor belts and other processing equipment due to damage by tramp metal are costly. That's why concerned plant managers and engineers consider tramp metal detectors an essential addition to their conveyor lines. They also have discovered that detectors are not created equal and important features should be weighed before making a purchasing decision.

Weigh all the features, and you'll agree SciTronics Tramp Metal Detectors are the best value. They blend state-of-the art technology with practical application features developed over many years of working closely with conveyor users. With two models plus many options available, there's a system to meet your specific use requirements.

SciTronics detectors are designed to find tramp while scanning products such as highly mineralized or magnetic ores (including magnetite and pyrites, even when conveyed on steel cable belts) as well as copper, nickel, aluminum, aggregates, coal, rubber, wood chips, sinter and tar sands. They can also be used in recycling plants to detect tramp among plastic, glass or paper.

The electrical conductivity of materials conveyed through the SciTronic sensor area is measured by detecting variations in a pulsed electronic field. Since magnetic and conductive properties of any material are independent, both magnetic and non-magnetic metals are detected.

• Detects both ferrous and non-ferrous tramp
• Balance or tuning not required
• Immune to effects temperature and
• Sensitivity Threshold to detect tramp on
  metallic splices
• A.S.P. — Automatic Spike (electrical interference)
• Front Panel Programming
— Alarm Delay
— Alarm Duration
— Sensitivity Scale Factor
— Splice Detector Duration and Threshold
• Resident Circuit Diagnostic Monitor
• Swing-Away Coil Protection
• Conveyor velocity from 6ft./min. to 1200 ft./min.
• Field replaceable relays
• Profiled Coils — to provide more uniform
  throughout burden cross-section

For use with standard or steel cored conveyor belts transporting the following:

• Iron, Nickel, Aluminum and Molybdenum Ores
• Aggregates
• Coal
• Rubber
• Iron Pellets
• Wood Chips
• Sinter
• Tar Sands